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Studio Wild

Founded on a love for the wild and a responsibility to those who share it.

About Studio Wild

As a Graphic Designer, I have always felt the weight of the hypocrisy between the technological and consumerism ties of my field of work to my own values of sustainability and social justice. I am, however, fascinated by people and culture – by figuring out why things are the way they are, and why we interact in the intricate manners that we do. I fell in love with graphic design because I was mystified by its power as a language and as a tool of communication. Design has the power to share an idea, to start a movement, to nominate an individual as a leader of a country, and yes, to sell a t-shirt at 30 percent off.

In a way, the world works on passion. If someone is passionate enough about something, they say something. They do something. My passion is to unlock the visual codes that can share an idea. Ideas that grow. Ideas that change. Ideas that matter. That is why I created Studio Wild – to work with people who have a passion for sustainability, with brands who care for their communities, and for ideas that bring awareness and solutions to environmental and social injustices. My goal is to then pay that opportunity forward and use the proceeds of my work to fund graphic design projects for organizations around the globe that lack the resources to have their ideas heard.

I love bringing people together, I love being outside, and I love creating tools to help others love it too. Hopefully by doing more of what I love, I can help grow your idea and vision to enable you to do more of what you love too. Because in the end, maybe that’s the best way we can help the world – by doing more of what we love. Because if more people did, maybe the world would be a happier place to live.

Welcome to Studio Wild.

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