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Studio Wild

You have
a great idea.

I want to help you share it.

stu·di·o wild

/ˈst(y)o͞odēˌō/  /wīld/


  1. a graphic design studio founded on a love for the wild and a responsibility to those who share it.
  2. sharing ideas through design to bridge the gap between “sustainable companies” and “other companies.”

brand identity design, print and digital design, illustration, visual storytelling


What if...

What if “sustainability” wasn’t just a trendy trigger word associated with brown paper and green typography, but was a standard value of supporting our communities and environment? What if “eco-friendly” wasn’t a niche sector of business, but was just the expected approach?  The mission of Studio Wild is to bridge the gap between the sidelined ideas of sustainability and our mentality toward “business as usual” by using design to help spread the ideas that will help us get there. We all play our own unique roles, and we owe it to each other and to the wild to play those roles with compassion.


Good design transforms an idea into something tangible, something sharable. You have a vision for your idea, and my job is to help you make that vision a reality by telling your story and establishing trust in your brand. Services include branding, print and digital design, and always start with a (free) consultation about your brand, your mission, and your vision. No two brands are alike, which is why I believe a “one size fits all” approach to design just doesn’t cut it. Get in touch and let’s talk about what your brand might need.

Pay it forward

Every pebble can make a ripple, and in that way become something larger than itself. Arising from experiences traveling and living abroad, a core foundation of Studio Wild is operating on the model of paying opportunity forward by designing for organizations around the globe that lack the resources to have their ideas heard. Previous projects have included identity design for sustainable farms in Thailand and Colombia, as well as an art installation in Belize. Actions are contagious; let’s make doing good contagious.




Get in touch!

A true Pacific Northwesterner, talking about design over coffee is one of my favorite things. Whether you are seeking design work or just want someone to bounce ideas off of, I’d love to hear from you. Shoot me an email at to get in touch, or follow me on Instagram at @_studiowild_ to see what I’m up to.

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