Introduction: Going wild

Looking back, it’s easy to see how Studio Wild was an inevitable adventure I would undertake. But growing up in the Cascade-surrounded mountain town of Bend Oregon, I would have never dreamed I’d be someone to sign up for a career at a computer. When I hear of people finding their passion and realizing what career path they want to go down, most people speak in terms of excitement and aha-moments. While I eventually had those aha-moments further down the road, when I first realized I loved graphic design, I felt hopeless. I finally found what I loved to do, and it meant I was stuck at a computer supporting the consumerism culture that I had come to feel strongly against. Great. Luckily, right around the time that I decided to study design, I also decided to study abroad in Thailand. And thus, the adventure begins.


My memories of Thailand are full of smiles, friends, discomfort, crazy experiences, and a deep sense of grounding. As it relates to Studio Wild, Thailand served as a catalyst, seeding from my time spent on Pun Pun farm in Chiang Mai. My original intent of being at the farm was to follow a feeling from a Ted Talk I ran into, Life is easy. Not until I was up there did I find out that, as it happened, the farm was undergoing a re-brand of sorts and needed a branding sweep and line of product labels created. And so, at 20 years old, I found myself living on a sustainable farm in rural Thailand with garden-fresh food, an adobe house all to myself (at one point in time I lived in a tree house for a few weeks), and an outdoor table with a mountain view that I called my office. It wasn’t until I experienced it that my notions of practicality shifted dramatically – both in terms of my personal lifestyle, and what was necessary for the planet. While I once thought that designing for sustainable causes was aspirational, I began to realize it was a necessity. It took living in a draught and showering in the local river as the year’s collection of rainwater slowly diminished to realize that my fanciful ideas about designing for change weren’t at all fanciful or impractical. In fact, it became the most practical thing I could think of.

Fast-forward a few years, and I’ve totally gone Wild. Let me be clear here – I do not currently live on a farm of any sorts. I live in Seattle Washington. But the reality is that whether we live in rural Thailand or New York City, we all play a role in taking care of our planet and the beings on it. You’ll hear those words sprinkled throughout this website, but they aren’t meant to be fluffy or disingenuous. We all have different strengths, and we are all uniquely equipped to tackle different problems, or different parts of the same problem. And so, while someone else might be totally stoked about sustainable cotton and how to make clothing more eco-friendly, I am totally stoked to help craft their story and share it to the world in the beautiful way that it deserves. It brings me so much joy that Studio Wild has brought be all around the world, but we don’t need to look any further than our own homes for ideas that are worth sharing and passions worth following.

When it comes down to it, what I hope to achieve through Studio Wild is simply to do what I love in order to help others do what they love, with the larger goal of creating community and caring for our planet. With this blog, I hope to expand upon this alignment of passion and values and explore design, health, humans, and the wild through imagery, words, and artistic expression. Some posts will look inward at Studio Wild with some behind-the-scene peeks at the design process, while others will look outward and explore how humans communicate and interact with our environment, each other, and ourselves.

I hope you are as excited to follow along as I am to share this adventure with you. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, and as always: live fully, live graciously, live wild.

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